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BUY TWO GET ONE FREE!!! (Funko Pop's $25 & Under)
BUY TWO GET ONE FREE!!! (Funko Pop's $25 & Under)

Shaiapouf #1320 2023 Summer Convention Limited Edition Funko Pop! Animation Hunter X Hunter



Alluka Zoldyck #1028 Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop! Animation Hunter X Hunter

The youngest generation of the current Zoldyck siblings - a family of trained hitmen from an early age - has the peculiarity of having names that follow each other. The last syllable of the oldest brother's name becomes the first syllable of the brother who follows him, with the two syllables separated by an "llu". Thus, IlluMI is followed by MIlluKI followed by KIlluA followed by AlluKA whose last brother is KAlluto.

Thus, Alluka is the fourth child of Silva. It should be noted that every child in the Zoldyck family is referred to as a "brother" even if he appears to be female. According to the official databook, Alluka is a boy, even though Killua refers to him as his sister. Unlike his brothers, Alluka is not especially well versed in killing, having a much more innocent and playful personality unlike the other Zoldycks who are much more gloomy.

At a young age, Alluka's Hatsu has made him particularly distinctive. Indeed, her power used thanks to her aura allows her to accomplish the impossible. If Alluka makes three requests to a person and that person responds favorably, Nanika takes control of Alluka. It is thus possible for Nanika to realize any wish once Alluka's three requests have been fulfilled. However, the more important the wish is, the more demanding and difficult Alluka's next three requests will be to fulfill. However, if the person subject to this request does not respond favorably, he or she will suffer a spell whose power will be equivalent to the importance of the previously fulfilled wish. This means that even the beings close to this person will be eliminated by the spell.

This power makes Alluka a wonder and a monstrous threat. A threat that the Zoldyck family has chosen to keep isolated from all human contact. Only Killua comes close to Alluka because he has a special affection for her. During the Netero succession elections, Killua goes to rescue Alluka from the Zoldyck mansion to ask her to heal Gon, who is suffering from a monstrous illness due to his Hatsu's setbacks. Killua will then ask Alluka to make Nanika disappear, freeing her from the burden of her power.

The Funko POP figure of Alluka Zoldyck represents the character as she appears during the events of the Hunter election. With colorful female clothing and long hair, the Alluka figure appears as a girl even though she is actually a boy. With two braids of hair on either side of her face, Allula wears bead-like accessories whose designs displayed on them appear to be heads making different faces. These same images appear on the Funko POP Alluka Zoldyck headband and look like Nanika's terrifying face.

Considering the way she stands with her left index finger in front of her, the Alluka POP figure represents her pretending to shoot her brother Killua who came to take her to Gon