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BUY TWO GET ONE FREE!!! (Funko Pop's $25 & Under)
BUY TWO GET ONE FREE!!! (Funko Pop's $25 & Under)

***Signed***Komugi #1092 Hot Topic Exclusive Limited Chase Edition Funko Pop! Animation Hunter X Hunter


***Look At Condition of Pop In Pictures***

***Signed by Ryan Bartley***

If, during the events of Hunter x Hunter, the various characters will come to fight with the Nen, some, on the other hand, will lead equally decisive battles, but without having to administer any blow. Komugi is a character introduced in the Kimera Ants arc when the King has already settled in the East Goruto Palace. The latter, while the "selection" must bring more than 15 000 eggs of a new generation of Kimera Ants to hatch, seeks to deceive boredom while waiting. After defeating the world champion of chess, Go and Shogi on their own ground, he then sets out to defeat the champion of Gungi.

But each time he will get ready to defeat her, Komugi will progress at the same time as him, even awakening to Nen by dint of confronting the king. This blind girl, then, will arouse opposite feelings in the King who will wish sometimes to kill her and sometimes to protect her. Little by little, he will end up loving her to the point of changing his opinion on many subjects. Komugi, however, will never try to influence him or impose any vision on him. She is only a humble blind Gungi player who wants to have fun playing.

She will end up becoming collateral damage during the attack of the palace initiated by a small group of Hunters. Pierced by one of Zeno's Dragon Dive arrows, she is healed by Pitou's Hatsu. When she regains consciousness, she learns that Meruem is doomed to end up poisoned by the damage of the Pink Bomb. She chooses to continue playing a final game of Gungi with him, even though the poison from the bomb is contagious. The two, then, will perish hand in hand at the end of one of the most beautiful modern love stories ever.

The Funko POP figure of Komugi represents her with her eyes closed. Eyes that she opens only during her Gungi games and this, although she is blind. Indeed, we can see it with the cane that the figurine of Komugi carries, this one has never been able to contemplate the slightest light of all her life. Ironically, when we know that Meruem, against which she will play, translates into French as "Divine Light".

Thus, the Funko POP of Komugi represents her not playing, but standing, as she joins The King to play with him. Her poor clothes and unkempt hair characterize this character from a peasant family for whom she would be nothing but dead weight if she wasn't a Gungi world champion. Komugi's POP figure is obviously in line with the character, although she is very pale, obviously anaemic from a hunger that we can easily guess.